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The Level Up Lounge focuses on all things related to martial arts business, services, training, and music. The show will feature an expert guest every 2 weeks.
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Oct 26, 2018

The Level Up Lounge is Back! Season 2 kicks off with an interview of one of the best personal trainers on the planet, Jamal Hamid. Jamal has trained UFC fighters, Professional Boxers, Hall of Fame Athletes, and average joes like me.


He shares his powerful story of how he went from a young kid obsessed with fitness to one of the top trainers in the country. If you are an entrepreneur of any kind, you will want to listen to this episode to find out how you can fit daily workouts into your crazy schedule.




As always, a special “Punch in the Face” segment that will help you to break through your limitations and start kicking ass.

Apr 11, 2018

As always, Jadi and I provide an educational and entertaining interview experience! As two martial arts instructors that travel around to many different schools, we see the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY! In this episode, we discuss the five most common mistakes that we see in the martial arts classroom and we tease our brand new Fix Your Floor training course. 

Jan 1, 2018


Chris Casamassa legit drops the 🎤 on lazy school owners in this episode!

You have to hear it for yourself. No fluff or sugar coating, Chris just tells it likes it is. 

Chris and I have been friends for a few years now and I absolutely love how he challenges school owners to change their habits and get their stuff together.

Here are some of the topics that we discuss:

- Using birthday parties to generate leads

- Making quality on the mat the #1 priority

- Lazy school owners who don't practice what they preach

- Chris's journey from martial artist to action star and how it happened.

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Who is Chris Casmassa?

Multi-School Owner, Business Coach, Actor, Best Selling Author, and Creator of Kick n' Fit Kidz and B90Z Birthday Parties.

Nov 27, 2017

This episode is 🔥. We sit down with the coach of the most recognized Demo Team in the World, Mike Welch of Team Infinity.

Not only is Mike a top level coach and athlete but he is also an extremely successful school owner with 6 Infinity Martial Arts Locations. 

Discover the coaching secrets that has helped Mike to take his team's training to a whole different level and how you can implement these tips in your school.

Nov 15, 2017

Do you have a brand or is your culture bland?


I am super stoked to sit down with Ed Turney as we discuss how to build a brand for your school in a very special way.


- Creating your brand's story

- Getting creative with your content

- Using story telling to create a special experience for your black belts

- Defining your school's vision

& More!!

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Nov 1, 2017

🏅 Why You Struggle to Have a Championship Mindset 🏅


This is the episode of all episodes! BJJ legend and pioneer, Carlos Machado joins the Level Up Lounge and we talk:


- That time he was choked out by Chuck Norris

- Champion Mindset vs. Student Mindset

- Setting up White Belts to Succeed

- Chill Zone vs. Kill Zone

- Preventing Injury when Training

- Keeping Your Passion for MA Alive

& More!

Oct 22, 2017

Why You are Failing at Video Marketing


Video Marketing Expert, Christopher Perilli joins me in the lounge to diagnose why most martial arts schools are failing with their video marketing. 


Listen and Discover:


-How to turn your 📲 into the ultimate video marketing machine


-The best equipment to take videos on your phone to the next level 📹


-Why video marketing is the best way to reach your audience 


-How to address the pain points of your prospective clients


As always, we end with our famous 




segment and we answer…


What is the Perceived Value in Your Martial Arts School?


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Oct 18, 2017

How to grow your kids program to 200 students, balancing work-life, and the craziest story you will ever hear about Tim Credeur's hardest hits that he has every taken!

Former UFC fighter and uber successful entrepreneur joins us in the lounge and dishes on what helped him grow his kids program to 200 students and his school to 500 students, and a great story about how Tim was able to rise from nothing to being one of the most successful school owners in the country!

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Oct 5, 2017

How important is it to listen to this episode? If you are an entrepreneur, it is a MUST LISTEN as Nick D shares with us his insights on finding the "right" information, taking personal responsibility as a school owner, developing personal systems, stats that you should be focusing on and.....

We play a little game called, "Tell me what you think of this person in the martial arts industry"

Nick D shares his thoughts on:

Stephen Oliver
Melody Shuman
Roland Osborne
Dave Kovar
Jadi Tention
Mike Parrella &
Brannon Beliso 


Sep 19, 2017

My good friend, Stephen Reinstein, joins us in the lounge for an in-depth discussion on all things web related. Stephen gives us all sorts of knowledge including:

  • Biggest mistakes with your website
  • Common Facebook ad performance issues
  • The keys to a website that sells
  • The best social media platform to use besides Facebook
  • When & how often to post
  • and so much more!


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Aug 30, 2017

Jason Griffin has been crushing it as his schools. We talk about increasing brand awareness, talking with your team about the future, and an event that got 275 kids into Jason's school. Wow! Tune in Now!

Aug 7, 2017

Special Guest, Brannon Beliso joins us for one of our best episodes yet. As I re-listened to this episode, I could not believe how many topics we covered in just one interview. His “outside the box” thinking may challenge everything you know about your business in a very positive way. We talk about: setting yourself apart from your competition, putting people before profit, avoiding average, staff management, becoming a service based business, and SO MUCH MORE!

Jul 25, 2017

One of my favorite interviews! Tj has become known as the parenting and fitness expert in his community from his Facebook Live series, Dojo Dad Digest. He is currently on Episode 131 of the series and has used it to drive referrals to his school. He is currently averaging around 70 trials per month and has a 48% conversion rate. Listen to this man!

Jun 29, 2017

Guys, this is 35 minutes of straight fire! Barry has a SUPER inspiring story of how he went from almost closing his school to becoming the owner of a franchise with 83 locations in 3 different countries. You have to hear it! Also, we spend some time talking about getting your S*&% together and putting in place a daily routine. 

May 21, 2017

Dave Kovar joins Adam in the Level Up Lounge and talks about the importance of staff development, getting the most our of students with ADD/ADHD, tips to becoming a more consistent instructor, and more!

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Apr 16, 2017

We are joined by success coach, Michael Bernoff. Michael specializes on how to bring out the best in people. His approach is direct and effective. Michael weighs in on some cutting-edge strategies that will help to take your school to the next level. We also review Hykso Punch Trackers, Combat Corner's C2 Boxing Glove, and Chris Casamassa's B90Z Birthday Party system.

Mar 13, 2017

Karate by Jesse's very own, Jesse Enkamp, joins the Level Up Lounge and shares his knowledge on all things martial arts. We talk social media, mcdojos, physical training, bunkai, sport karate and more!

Feb 23, 2017

In this special episode of the Level Up Lounge, Adam discusses an important mistake that many martial arts schools are unknowingly making every day. It is a mistake so costly that it could eventually end up in closing your business.

Feb 10, 2017

In this Episode, Nick Dougherty from Parrella Consulting joins Adam in the Level Up Lounge. We talk marketing, Facebook Ads, Personal Growth, and the #1 mindset challenge that stops most martial arts school owners from growing their business. We will also be releasing a Nick D Training Mix in the next two weeks so keep your eyes open!

Jan 18, 2017

In this episode, Adam is joined by two special guests. 6x World Point Fighting Champion, Jadi Tention, joins Adam to talk about being a role model for his students, motivation, personal training, and music! The second guest on the show is Dj Bizerk, who runs Bizerk Academy in Illinois. He talks about music customization (musical forms, demo team mixes, audio commercials, etc.).